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TC (formerly TeamCoding)

My Activity

My role: 

  • Co-Founder & CEO (Jul 2015 – )

TeamCoding is a company I started with POSDRU funding in 2015 together with my co-founder Diana (who later retired).

The main purposes of the company are to cover under legal terms all software activities and partnerships I am involved in and to also associate all the support work I offer to other organisations a brand. 

As TC’s motto reflects my view on reality, which is that we live in a software-based world, the company became the symbol of my expert side. There is no project I get involved in without adding the logo of the company as well.

Under TC’s umbrella, we develop projects to support other non-software businesses, we create new startups or ensure there is a continuity between the professional IT sector in Romania and ETTI students (as most of the members of our team are from ETTI/LSE environment and we provide them technical training, offer mentoring their engineering diploma or organize summer schools especially designed for them).

TC Community

TC is the place where I gather the professionals I appreciate the most in the ETTI alumni community. Most of them are recognized engineers and technical influencers, with strong career development, portfolios or mentorship background.

My teaching activity

Teaching others is one of the passions of my life. During my professional life I experienced all types of teaching I could:


TeamCoding is an enthusiastic team of highly skilled nightly developers who are working to implement software solutions for non-software businesses. The projects we are involved in, are developed by passionate people who are working on projects or startups which need a technology partner.

Company Info

  • Founded 2015
  • Headquarter Bucharest, Romania
  • Domain Software Development
  • Workplace Remote & Bucharest office
  • Company size ~10