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Cutting Edge Tech chronicles – LinkedIn newsletter (Personal Project, 2023-)


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  • Period August 2023 -
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In the midst of the digital age, information is abundant, but quality can sometimes be scarce. The digital landscape, further amplified by the emergence of LLMs, has given everyone a voice. While this democratization of content creation is empowering, it has also made distinguishing between the signal and the noise quite challenging.

This is precisely why I embarked on this newsletter journey: to sift through the vastness of articles and curate quality insights. Think of this as a distilled, recurrent tech digest that will, over time, also serve as a chronicle of the ever-evolving tech panorama.

I really value your input and would love your help in making this newsletter even better. If you find any cool articles, feel free to send them my way! I promise to give a shoutout to everyone who pitches in.

Here's to navigating the tech realm together!

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