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Neural Networks and the Emergence of Learning (DevFest, 2023)


  • Project type Tech conference paper
  • Date 18th of Nov 2023
  • My Role Speaker
  • Topics Emergent phenomenons in the realm of machines
  • Keywords AI, Neural Networks, Deep Learning
  • Skills developed Public speaking
  • Presentation Slides
  • GitHub Open Source Code
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In November 2023, I delivered a talk at DevFest at Cloud & AI track, an event organized by a Google Developers Group Bucharest and Digital Stack.

The talk introduced a tri-component framework for studying neural networks, with a specific focus on emergent learning. This framework, built on Java, Python, and JavaScript, aids in visualizing and analyzing network behaviors.

My audience comprised students and software engineers from around the world. The discussion centered on several key topics:

  • Presenting fundamental concepts of neural networks.
  • Explaining the components of a neuron.
  • Demonstrating how a neuron functions through an example.
  • Introducing core concepts of neural networks, such as weights, bias, activation function, loss function, and backpropagation.
  • Presenting different categories of neural networks.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference, especially the engaging questions during the Q&A session.

I also appreciated the commitment of the Google Developer Groups in organizing such professional events. The opportunity to be part of the speakers' dinner was particularly memorable. It was a chance to expand our community and network connections in a Romanian traditional setting, complete with music, dances, and food. There, I had the pleasure of meeting many intelligent and inspiring individuals.




Tech stack

  • Programming Languages: Java 17, Python 3.11, Javascript
  • Java stack: Spring Boot, Spring Web, Thymeleaf, Lombok, org.json, Log4j
  • Python stack: numpy, tensorflow, matplotlib, scikit-image
  • Javascript stack: D3js

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