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Ionadi (TC, 2016)


  • Project type Web development, Booking platform
  • Period Mar - Jun 2016
  • My Role Developer, Project Manager
  • Technologies WordPress, MySQL, PHP
  • Architecture Client-server pattern
  • Keywords Booking platform, Dynamic forms
  • Skills developed WordPress custom plugin development, WordPress customisation, Plesk hosting management


This is mainly a presentation website created in WordPress. It was one of the first customers/projects we had at TC

For this project, we worked with an external business owner (Alexandru), hired independently by the customer. The BO was the SPOC who set the requirements, made the acceptance as well as provided the hosting platform. 

On this occasion, we gained some experience with Plesk on managing hosting platforms. 

The main technical responsibilities of our team were creating the company's branding, implementing the business requirements using WordPress, providing documentation for another company who took over the website's maintenance and developing our own plugin to integrate the bookings flow. 

As it was one of the first customers, Ionadi is one of the first contracts I signed as TC's owner, so it paved the way for learning a lot of administrative stuff, such as what should I consider when signing a contract as the representative of a team. It was also an opportunity to go into business for the long run with some reliable friends with whom I had already developed a lot of projects first as volunteers and later, as a company.


Although it was a very small project, the timeline was quite short so it required a large multidisciplinary team to work on it: