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Leonine (Serendeep, 2021-)


  • Project Type Whitepaper
  • Date Oct 2021 - present
  • My Role Software Developer
  • Whitepaper Download
  • Presentation pitch Download


Leonine is an MVP Mobile App presented by the Serendeep team at the 5th edition of Hackathon4Health and at MedTech IdeaJam UMFCD-UPB 2021.

The project represents a gamified cloud solution, that aims to prevent the most common nine types of cancer in young people and active adults (25-55 years), through awareness, education and screening. 

Serendeep is a multidisciplinary team of

  • physicians
  • engineers in the field of human performance
  • software engineers
  • psychologists
  • sales

As the project is still ongoing (we are currently in the process of polishing the next phases/steps), we are open to discussions on collaborations or funding. 

We currently have the official support of academic partners in UPB (Dept of Telecommunications, SAIM lab), as well as some business partners (Always Connected, TC, Neuroaugmentare, Sports Business Academy) and we have already established contact with over 5000 family doctors in Romania.


Check more details about the concept, product and team on our website, or please contact me personally for further details.