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Neuroaugmentare.ro (2021-)


  • Type Software platform
  • Launch Date 15 Sept 2021
  • My Role Co-Founder, Developer
  • Main Community Chronestesia21
  • Tech Community ETTI C.E.T.


Neuroaugmentare.ro, is the first publication platform in Romania that simultaneously explores topics in neuroscience and AI.

✔️ Professional articles and reviews
✔️ Tech research & news
✔️ Managed by doctors, engineers, psychologists, pharmacologists & economists
✔️ Online community
✔️ Available in 13 languages
✔️ Authors ranging from students to professors

The platform is built having growth in mind, so it enables us to constantly add new publishers to the community and manage the existing ones.

The key features are:

  • (auto) translations in ~13 languages
  • supports multiple authors & co-authors
  • multiple layers of publishers and groups with different permissions
  • specialized reviewers on dedicated topics
  • predictive search with smart suggestions engine 

My main role in the project is to maintain the web platform technically alive, add new features and keep malwares away. I am also responsible for the growth of the author community and of reviewing the articles on the AI topic. 



I have always been passionate about the way the human brain works and the software mechanisms we can develop in order to imitate the behaviour of the brain. 

Besides from just reading articles on the internet, I consider that being part of an active community of specialists in neurosciences, software and artificial intelligence is an important factor in developing my skills and knowledge. So the moment I was approached by my current colleague and co-founder, Cosmin Dugan, I seized the opportunity to combine my software skills with the thirst to discover more about the secrets of the human brain. The following day I started working on a platform that supports this concept and community and 3 months later we were launching.


If you are interested to become an author, collaborator or supporter, please contact me privately. 

Check out our website to see details about our vision and enjoy the articles!