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DevTalks Romania 2024 – Coding Privacy-Aware Enterprise AI with RAG Architecture (Oratify, 2024)


  • Project type Public Speaking, Tech Presentation
  • Date 30th of May 2024
  • Participants ~100
  • My Role Speaker
  • Topics AI, Data Protection, NLP, Knowledge representation, Enterprise Privacy
  • Keywords Conversational AI, NPL, NLU, LLM, Knowledge Representation, RAG, Real-Time, Data Protection
  • Skills developed Presentation, Speaking
  • Event details

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AI chatbots are likely to be key in transforming our current approaches to UX and privacy. They can cover a broad spectrum of use cases, including impersonations, customer support, assistants, and even replacing parts of GUIs. In this session, we will explore the challenges of coding a Multimodal AI Conversational Agent from the ground up, using RAG Architecture. The focus will be on scalability and managing unstructured data, providing a comprehensive overview of knowledge representation techniques, context understanding and reasoning, machine unlearning and privacy awareness.


DevTalks is one of the major dev and tech events in Romania, visited annually by 700 participants. It also has a great tradition.

This year's edition had the motto "Making Waves in the IT Industry" and featured 14 stages and 140 speakers. Hosted at Romexpo, Romania's largest expo space, it was a great pleasure to network and learn from the best in the industry.

I had the opportunity to deliver my 50-minute talk titled "Coding Privacy-Aware Enterprise AI With RAG Architecture" on the Product World Stage with approximately 100 attendees in the audience.

My presentation included:

  • Slides to explain the main RAG concepts and enterprise challenges in terms of privacy and data protection.
  • An interactive discussion with the audience, using my open-source app Oratify.
  • A live coding component, showing the audience snippets on how to build enterprise RAGs.
  • A live demo with a RAG use case.

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to such an audience and thank the organizers for doing a great job!

To facilitate the interactive discussion at this event, I used my open-source app for augmented talks, Oratify.




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