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InfoShare Gdansk 2024 – Building the Future with Java & SpringAI (ContinualBot, Ciklum, 2024)


  • Project type Public Speaking, Tech Presentation
  • Date 23th of May 2024
  • Participants ~250
  • My Role Speaker
  • Topics Augmented-talk, Real-time, AI, Java, RAG, NLP, NLU, Context handling, Knowledge representation, LLM
  • Keywords Augmented Talk, Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Spring AI, LLM
  • Skills developed Presentation, Speaking
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We stand at the threshold of significant technological leaps, with every domain experiencing profound transformations driven by advancements in technology. 
At the core of these shifts, programming languages serve as crucial conduits, enabling us to communicate not just with machines but also orchestrating interactions among various AI systems and humans. This integrative role makes programming languages the backbone of modern technology, akin to a map connecting AI software, machines, and humans in a dynamic interface.

Java, with its extensive community and a rich history in AI through robust libraries, has been instrumental in these developments. Spring AI, building on this legacy, emerges as a transformative framework that enables seamless integration with leading AI platforms like OpenAI, enhancing Java's capability to enable intuitive and versatile AI applications.

This session will explore the critical functionalities of Spring AI, discussing how it empowers developers to utilize Spring to facilitate interactions across AI agents, and programming languages, and even enhance human-machine communication. Join us for a live demo that showcases a practical application of Spring AI, illustrating how Java and Spring continue to drive innovation in our interconnected world.

InfoShare is the biggest tech and startup event in CEE. Speaking at such a scale means a lot to me.

I think InfoShare is among the best-organized conferences I have ever attended, especially from a speaker's perspective. Communication is definitely their key strength. They really know how to set things in order and make all steps clear for everyone attending. The atmosphere was really nice, and I met some interesting people at matchmaking. I have scheduled calls with some of them in the coming weeks.
The title of my talk was "Building the Future with Java & Spring AI", I presented it on the DevCode stage in front of approximately 200-250 people. I believe that AI will play a central role in the future of our communication and group interactions. 
I set my goal to not only speak about this but also to build an app that proves it. The app interacts with the audience in real-time, gathers their opinions, and helps me provide answers to all of them in real-time using the power of LLMs. Additionally, the same app helped us all extract a common conclusion based on everyone's input.
I have published the source code as open-source, so that everyone can use or improve it. This presentation is among the first occasions where I introduced publicly Oratify.
I invested a lot of time in preparing the speech and especially the application's code, starting in January. Actually, the idea and some draft code were already there for a while, but then I decided that InfoShare is a great place to share it. And indeed, I received great feedback privately and someone even shared their impressions on the LinkedIn profile.
I want to express my gratitude to my colleague Iryna for recommending this event and for trusting that I could meet the event's expectations.Great appreciation for the support from Milan Piskla, Agata Gross, and Tetyana Laduba. Special thanks to Marta Supeł for her excellent organization and communication.


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