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Software Development Academy (SDA)

My Activity

Position: Java & SQL Trainer

Period: Nov 2019 – Jun 2021

Approx number of students: 60 (4 classes)

Approx number of students before SDA: ~750 in academic and business environments

I joined SDA in Nov 2019 after previous experiences teaching in:

  • faculty as an invited speaker (over 50 students, since 2013) and scientific coordinator of 10 bachelors and master’s thesis (2013-2019)
  • student’s organisation, as alumni and technical trainer (over 500 students, since 2011)
  • software summer school, as trainer and organizer, for 3 years (18 students, 2016-2018)
  • software trainer in a corporate environment, for newcomers and students (over 200 students, 2012-2019)

I have always had a penchant for teaching other people, ever since my primary school years (when I was unofficially teaching my other classmates informatics – an optional course), so I always try to identify situations in which I can pass on my knowledge to others. 

So SDA was a great place to do just that and it was most challenging because for the first time ever, I taught non-technical students who wanted a change of career to the informatics domain.

During my work here, I had 2 main responsibilities:

  • to teach students topics of my expertise
  • to supervise the examination process

My teaching activity

Teaching others is one of the passions of my life. During my professional life I experienced all types of teaching I could:


The Software Development Academy is the first Programming Academy in Poland and the largest in the CEE offering training profiled for the needs of the ICT market. The proprietary education program turns enthusiasts of new technologies into programmers. A carefully developed model allows people who have not been connected with the industry to study and adapt the courses to the needs of enterprises.

Software Development Academy is an irreplaceable partner in upskilling, reskilling and recruitment processes of entire teams. By combining technological and industry knowledge, SDA trainings provide companies with unique value, increasing employee efficiency and stimulating business development.

Company Info

  • Founded 2015
  • Headquarter Gdynia, Poland
  • Domain Education
  • Workplace Remote or Bucharest office
  • Company size ~1000