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ContinualBot Framework (TC, 2023-)


  • Project type Conversational AI LLM Framework
  • Period Starting Nov 2023
  • My Role Architect/Developer
  • Technologies LLM, Vector Database, Embeddings, Python, Vue.js, SQL, Docker
  • Keywords AI, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Knowledge, Similarity, Semantic, Natural Language Processing, Reasoning, Python, Vue.js, Impersonation, Continual Learning, Knowledge Management
  • Skills developed AI, DL, Vector search, NLP, Knowledge management, Data
  • Website URL


ContinualBot is a versatile Conversational Framework leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Semantic Search techniques, Continual Learning Neural Networks and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture.


What sets ContinualBot apart from other chatbot engines:

  • It functions as a versatile framework that can be instantiated.
  • Offers a wide range of customizations and configurations.
  • Supports integration with custom plugins.
  • Each instance provides user separation for enhanced privacy and personalization.
  • Features knowledge separation in every instance for tailored information access.
  • Allows rapid integration of the owner's knowledge, typically within minutes.
  • Compatible with various Large Language Models (LLMs) including GPT, Mistral, and LLama.
  • Support for multiple vector database engines (such as Qdrant, and ChromaDB).


Key features:

  • Custom Impersonation Capabilities
  • Integration with Custom Knowledge Sources
  • Configurable for Various Use Cases (Customer Support, Text Summarization, Impersonation, Research Assistant, etc.)
  • Built-in User Management System
  • Multilingual Support
  • Built-in Web Client and Integration with Third-Party Platforms (including Telegram API Support)
  • Advanced Web Scraping Functionality

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