DevTalks was one of the first developer events I attended in Romania in 2014, when I was still at the beginning of my professional career as a developer. Ever since then, it has been a leitmotif in my career path. Between 2016 and 2019, the student organization I was part of partnered with DevTalks to volunteer in organizing the event and other software-related projects.

This year, I was happy to return to DevTalks as a speaker on a topic related to enterprise data protection and privacy.

With the rise of LLMs, Data Protection and Privacy have increasingly become key issues in enterprise systems. This is partly because Neural Networks are not as predictable as traditional software. Governments and major industry players are actively working to create regulations for AI, while developers are continually creating solutions to address these new challenges.

My talk titled “Coding Privacy-Aware Enterprise AI With RAG Architecture” included not only slides but also a practical demo and a live coding session so the audience can catch up with important takeaways more easily.

I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to returning to this event in future editions.


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