The first mobile telephone and, shortly thereafter, social networks redefined the way humanity communicate. Now, we are experiencing a technological leap with GenAI, which is transforming how we interact on social networks.

I am excited to launch my impersonation chatbot, a personal pioneering step in exploring the future of human interaction at the intersection of traditional and AI communication. This chatbot offers personalized interactions, redefining communication and setting new standards in AI-driven technology and user engagement.

How is this different from ChatGPT, Claude, etc.?
Here, you can talk directly to me, about my activities, interests, and projects.

Its knowledge is built based on the information posted on my website and other articles that I’ve published, totalling approximately 1000 pages.

Working hands-on with this project has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge from all the academic and informal courses I participated in during 2023. It has deepened my understanding of how Neural Networks and LLMs function, enabling me to grasp complex concepts such as continual learning and knowledge representation. It also enables me to explore my deep interest in implementing fundamental concepts such as observer, subjectivity, sentience, awareness, free will, and consciousness in machines. (See related details about this topic in my article on the emergence of the learning phenomenon.)

This project serves both purposes for me: it’s an educational pursuit connected to my academic activities and a key professional focus for 2024. I aim to integrate the knowledge gained from building this conversational engine into all my areas of activity: my PhD program, conferences, educational activities, corporate programs and projects, and, of course, my personal online interactions. 😁

The chatbot is built on the ContinualBot framework, which facilitates the implementation of multilingual support, a custom knowledge base, and various LLMs. The technology stack used to create this includes Docker, Qdrant, MariaDB, Metabase, Python, Langchain, Java, Vue.js.

See more about my project ContinualBot Framework.

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