What are the key factors that make a workplace appealing? Of course, there’s work-life balance, benefits, friendly colleagues, exciting projects, challenging tasks, and so on.

But what about education? Staying educated is essential—it keeps us competitive, regardless of industry, job level, or community affiliation. In an industry like software development, where technology evolves rapidly, staying informed is critical. And with the recent technological leaps, the pace is even faster.

After years of technology disrupting most industries, the software industry is now undergoing its own transformation. Generative AI is disrupting society and will likely change the world as we know it. Technological leaps are happening one after another, and this isn’t just marketing hype—it’s real.

We are living in fascinating times, and I am truly excited about it.

At the heart of this revolution are Neural Networks, specifically the Large Language Models (LLMs) that are transforming our lives today.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to talk about this topic within an enthusiastic community. The Ciklum GenAI Upskill Program is an excellent platform for collaboration and collective learning, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

During this session, we spent nearly 2 hours exploring the core concepts of Neural Networks and discussed multiple perspectives—from technical aspects to sales and delivery management. It’s crucial for us to cultivate a learning culture and present a unified approach to technology when interacting with our clients.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by colleagues who are equally passionate about these topics and dedicated to staying informed.

I believe that this collaborative learning approach is one of the most effective ways to foster modern education for professionals.




See more technical details and the 2-hour video recording on
Neural Networks behind AI