This year, my winter vacation came with a unique challenge: developing an “AI for Developers Fundamentals” course, backed by Digital Stack and Google, for students from technical faculties in Romania.

Special thanks for this opportunity go to Ms. Carmen Ciulacu and Mr. Marius Seinoiu

My responsibilities covered creating the curriculum, preparing educational materials (including slides, documentation, and references), managing communication with students, leading technical sessions, and formulating final evaluations.

For this course, I also invited my friend and colleague, Diana, to assist with the ML portion of the curriculum. She is an experienced ML engineer and a teacher at the University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Reflecting on this journey, I realized it was about more than just teaching AI. It involved demonstrating the multitude of real-life and business applications emerging with the rise of AI, using analogies and presenting use cases.

I attempted to inspire the students with my passion for Neural Networks. Witnessing their transformation into confident specialists would be especially rewarding for me and a significant contribution to expanding the AI specialist community in Romania.

This experience has strengthened my belief in the bright future of AI, a field shaped by the enthusiasm and talent of dedicated and passionate learners.

This is just the beginning.

In 2024, I am preparing more AI technical materials and am proudly collaborating with Teodora, one of the students from this course on an ML paper and an academic degree thesis.

Stay tuned!

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