💡 I always enjoy learning new things and believe that sharing with others is a great way to learn as well.

💻 On the 13th and 14th of May, I had an immense opportunity to do this through a short 6-hour course at the AI Doctoral Academy, filled with live coding and diagramming, focused on continuous learning in Neural Networks and unlimited context on conversational agents. It was the first time I had an international audience of PhD and Postdoctoral students, with 138 participants registered across 41 countries.

🎓 AIDA is a doctoral consortium of 59 universities across Europe. I am very happy that we are living in times when online learning at long distances is possible, removing distance boundaries and enabling such sessions.

🤍 I am deeply grateful to our research laboratory, AI Multimedia Lab, and our leading professor, Bogdan Ionescu, for making an event of such scale possible. I am proud to represent our Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications & Information Technology as a lecturer here.

🚀 The progress in AI development is the result of years of dedicated research and robust institutional collaborations, underscoring the collective effort required to drive innovation forward.

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Context-Aware AI Conversational Agents