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Improve your apps performance by understanding how JVM works (Ciklum’s Java Community, 2023)


  • Project type Public Speaking, Tech Presentation
  • Date 24th of May 2023
  • My Role Speaker, Community Lead
  • Registered 63 java developers (from Ciklum)
  • Topics JVM, JMM, JIT, GC
  • Keywords Java Virtual Machine, Java Performance, Java Memory, Management
  • Skills developed Presentation, Speaking
  • Presentation slides PDF
  • Video recording (password protected)


Ciklum Java Community is a new initiative within our company (started in April 2023) that aims to connect Java developers across the world, exchange ideas and share knowledge and discuss tech news. 

I started being active in this community as Java Community Lead and among my responsibilities here, is to organize such knowledge-sharing events. 

So, together with other community leads, we organized a poll to decide which are the most interesting topics for our community - and it resulted in JVM (the topic proposed by me) in the first 3.

So, I started the first presentation in this series, within our community; also, to encourage others to do this by the power of example.  

Our belief is that as a community, we thrive on collective learning and knowledge sharing. While it's great to consume filtered content and learn new things, we believe that true growth and expertise come from sharing your own insights and experiences.
That's why we encourage every community member to step up and contribute by presenting topics and publishing quality articles.
By sharing our knowledge and experiences with others, we not only help others grow but also build our own self-confidence. Additionally, we gain invaluable feedback from our peers, receive recognition for our contributions, and develop valuable communication and presentation skills. Moreover, by actively participating in the community, you'll build meaningful connections with like-minded professionals, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.
Putting ourselves out there can be intimidating sometimes, but another important factor of having this community is that this is a safe and supportive environment. We are among our colleagues who share our passion for Java development and want to learn and grow together.
I consider this initiative as an excellent opportunity to improve our presentation and writing skills in a friendly setting before taking on more public speaking and publishing challenges. 

My purpose in this session was to synthesize and present how JVM works in a friendly manner.

So we had a 1-hour event where we discussed technical aspects such as:

  • JVM Architecture
  • Compilation vs Interpretation
  • Source code, bytecode and machine code
  • Class loader, Runtime Memory Data Area and Execution Engine
  • Heap Memory, Stack Memory, Method Area
  • JRE, JDK, java, javac, jar, JConsole, jdb etc.
  • Java Memory Management and Garbage Collector
  • Different types of memory generations
  • JIT Compiler
  • Measuring and Monitoring JVM
  • Performance tips

It was an experience for which I prepared myself intensively and worked hard to overcome my own limits. I also learned a lot of new things and gathered valuable feedback.

I am very grateful I am part of such an open-minded company that invests so much in people's education.


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