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Ciklum Speaker’s Corner – AI SoA presentation (Ciklum, 2022)


  • Project type Public Speaking, Tech Presentation
  • Date 20th of Oct 2022
  • My Role Speaker
  • Registered 122, from 12 countries
  • Topics AI, Java, Tensorflow, Deeplearning4j
  • Keywords Problem solving, searching, knowledge representation, planning, reasoning, probabilistic thinking, dimensionality, classification, clustering
  • Skills developed Presentation, Speaking
  • Event URL Ciklum's website
  • Event image


Ciklum Speaker's Corner was my first opportunity to speak publicly about my work in the AI domain. Artificial Intelligence is a topic that I am passionate about since I was in university, but I started to dive deeper into these topics 4 years ago when I was working at Orange's Fraud Management System

Since then, I started to formally study this field and got my AI Developer certification from GTC, in 2022. While preparing for the certification exam, I was also working to publish a series of articles that helped me learn the fundamentals easier and have them organized in my mind.

My purpose in this session was to approach the technical aspects of AI and what is behind the hype. So, talked about AI paradigms, frameworks, math concepts and of course - how to implement them with Java.

This event came with a lot of challenges that were new to me, such as:

  • presenting in front of people around the Globe, to an unknown public   
  • presenting to a heterogeneous group of people with such different levels of expertise and having a wide spectrum of skill sets 
  • representing publicly such as strong brand as Ciklum is
  • being broadcasted and recorded with public access without the benefit of doubles

It was an experience for which I prepared myself intensively and worked hard to overcome my own limits. I also learned a lot of new things and gathered valuable feedback.

I am very grateful to Ciklum's branding team for the invitation and for the opportunity. Thanks!


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