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Learn AI technology in 2022 (Neuroaugmentare, 2022)


  • Project type Series of tech articles
  • Period Feb 2022 -
  • Published on Neuroaugmentare


AI is definitely the hottest topic of 2022, so I decided to create a guide in a series of articles that could be helpful for any engineer that decided to learn AI tech and need initial guidance.

The series explains all the details regarding AI technology, challenges faced while adopting AI, and some concepts about: 

  • What is AI, Intelligent agents, Advantages & disadvantages and challenges of AI
  • Problem Solving & Search Algorithms
  • Knowledge Representation and Planning
  • Probabilistic Reasoning
  • Machine Learning: types, classification and decisions tree
  • Communication, Perception and Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Mining

Follow the series here: Neuroaugmentare.ro --> Learn AI Technology in 2022.

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