📚 As a developer, I am constantly learning to improve my technical skills and to get a better understanding of our reality.

🎒 I have been interested in AI for a long time, ever since I was a student. Meanwhile, I built a strong programming background and business experience and now I decided to follow GTC’s course on this vast curricula:

  • Intelligent Agent’s Architecture
  • Problem Solving
  • Searching Algorithms
  • Knowledge Representation and Planning
  • Probabilistic Reasoning
  • Markov and HMM, Dimensionality Reduction, Feature Selection and Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Clustering, Classification, Decision Tree, Regression, SVM, Supervised/Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised and Reinforcement learning
  • Natural Language Processing & Understanding
  • Lexical, Syntactic, Semantic, Disclosure, Pragmatic analyses
  • Perception
  • Image processing, Object Recognition
  • Neural Networks
  • Perceptrons and Biological Neurons
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Mining

😶‍🌫️ What is next?

I am working to write a complete guide (EN & RO versions) for all of the software developers that want to learn AI in 2022.

Watch me here: https://neuroaugmentare.ro/tag/learn-ai-in-2023-the-complete-guide

GTC Credential