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Java Meetup – Blockchain presentation (CN, 2021)


  • Project type Tech presentation
  • Period Sept 2021
  • Published on Medium
  • Presentation slides URL


After I got my Blockchain Expert Certificate in 2021, I started to work in CN Group as a solution architect for a blockchain startup.

Later on, I participated in CN's Java Meetup in Prague, where I presented dApps architectural approaches, consensus algorithms, and mathematical representations of digital ledgers. As support for my presentation, I wrote this paper that was published on Medium afterward.

It was a great opportunity to participate in such an event! Besides my lecture, there were presented great materials as well, on subjects like Kotlin, JPA, Hibernate, Vaadin, Mutation Testing, Property-based testing, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Based on my work for this event, in 2022 I started publishing on CN’s tech blog this blockchain series.

See more of my technical/scientific articles on my Publications page.

#blockchain #ledger #P2P #smartcontracts #mining #dapps #hashing #consensus #decentralized #cuttingEdgeTech

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