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Java Meetup – AI frameworks for Java presentation (CN/Ciklum, 2022)



In the summer of 2022, I got my AI dev Certificate after almost 1 year of the certification program and many weekends spent studying. 

Later on, I participated in CN's Java Meetup in Prague, where I presented the most common AI frameworks for Java and the articles that I am working on regarding AI technologies. I also demonstrated a PoC for object recognition algorithms with Java & Tensorflow. 

It was a great opportunity to participate in such an event! Besides my lecture, there were presented great materials as well, on subjects like Spring Boot & Kubernetes, Java apps in the cloud, AI frameworks for Java, Aws Lambda, Kotlin coroutines, Testcontainers, Kafka, and Spring Security.

Related to this event, I also presented at Ciklum Speaker's Corner the AI SoA for Java devs in 2022. See more details here

My teaching activity

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