In a world where Artificial Intelligence is rapidly shaping our future, the need for cutting-edge research and learning is more critical than ever. As a newly enrolled Ph.D. student at the Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology (ETTI) from the Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB), I am thrilled to announce my affiliation with AI Multimedia Lab, a leading AI research laboratory in Romania.

Established in 2007 and evolving to its current format in 2016, AI Multimedia Lab has been a focal point of AI development and benchmarking within Romania. Located within the CAMPUS Research Institute of UPB, the lab is renowned for its development and benchmarking of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for various multimedia applications. From machine learning, and deep learning, to information retrieval, the lab’s work spans numerous fields such as surveillance, security, media, medicine, fintech, and networking. With a history of entrusted research grants both nationally and internationally, AI Multimedia Lab stands as a beacon of advanced AI research in the country. [1]​

My path toward AI Multimedia Lab was paved through my enrollment in the Doctoral School of ETTI at UPB (with the recommendation from my BSc and MSc scientifical coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Eduard POPOVICI).

As the most prestigious ETTI doctoral school in Romania, it annually hosts over 250 Ph.D. students and has more than 57 Ph.D. supervisors. It is an international doctoral school, hosting several foreign doctoral students annually, with some of the doctoral theses being jointly supervised with universities around the world. The Doctoral School is home to some of the most renowned personalities in the field and offers numerous funding opportunities for its students through scholarships and participation in research and development projects​. [2]

As a part of my Ph.D. journey, I am fortunate to have Prof. Bogdan IONESCU, the leader of AI Multimedia Lab and the Director of the Doctoral School, as my scientific coordinator. His guidance and mentorship are an integral part of my research journey.

Excitingly, AI Multimedia Lab is partnered with the newly established Vodafone Innovation Hub at ETTI. As research students, we have the privilege of access to both these labs and their state-of-the-art hardware, empowering us to carry out complex and advanced research in AI. The Vodafone Innovation Hub (established with the support of a former ETTI student, Ciprian Zamfirescu), is an innovation and research lab focused on 5G, IoT, and AI. It is a place where academia and industry collaborate to foster innovation and knowledge transfer, including the implementation of pilot projects.

The community at AI Multimedia Lab and the Doctoral School of ETTI is filled with individuals who are at the forefront of their respective fields. The knowledge exchange, collaboration, and intellectual stimulation that occur within this community are exceptional.

Embarking on this journey, I look forward to contributing to the advancements in the field of AI and learning from the best in the industry. Here’s to a journey filled with learning, discovery, and innovation!

My PhD proposal