The end of Summer is almost here and our thoughts turn to going back to School. #nostalgia

🧑‍🎓 This summer I had the opportunity to see my college colleagues again, the honour of meeting the professors who made us engineers and the pleasure of talking to the representatives of the new generations – the current students.

🌠 We celebrated together a very important thing for us and for our community – 10 years of ETTI engineering. Because Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology are part of every person’s daily life.

⏳ It was not only a reunion but also a meeting of many generations of engineers (more precisely, the difference between attendees was of up to 52 years of experience! – not life) in which we all discussed how the world has changed in the past decade and what is the impact that technology had on everyone’s life.

⌚️ The decade 2012-2022 came with many innovations in technology. Things like smartphones, mobile apps, social networking, work from home, video conferencing with hundreds of people, live streaming, ride-sharing, home assistance, etc., which are part of today’s normal, were only in their infancy or known only conceptually during our studency. Terms that back then were only part of the vocabulary of engineers are now adopted and used by the masses – eg: wearable, 5G, IoT, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

💻 During this period, technology has evolved a lot and quickly, becoming indispensable in all aspects of life – communication, transport, medicine, agriculture, construction, energy, economy, etc. or in solutions for crisis situations – covid, war.

📚 And behind the innovation are engineers, who work on it every day and learn continuously – not just to keep themselves up to date, but to innovate, to carry on the next decade of change: electric cars, air taxis, space tourism, deliveries with drones, augmented-reality glasses, biotechnology, metaverse, decentralization of authority, military technologies, humanoid robots, artificial intelligence, quantum computers.

Sounds fancy now, I know – but let’s see in 2032.

See more details about reConnect ETTI 2022 here.

PS. Summer will end soon, on Sept 23.