I believe that nutrition should be taught more in schools.

Alimentation is part of our daily life and it is directly related to our health. It does not matter who we are or what we are doing – we still spend a significant part of our lives eating or preparing food. (And most of the other part working to provide food.)

Even when we are socialising or have gatherings, it’s common to have a meal.

I have been wanting to learn more about this essential aspect of our daily habits, for a long time.

Sometimes I think about why I waited for over 30 years without really taking an interest in what is good to eat and what is not, how to combine food or when to eat etc.

I find it kind of amazing how society is concerned with the best car fuel, the best oil and so on, but we do not pay so much interest in the ingredients we are made of.


In 2022 I started collaborating with a Nutrition Professional Consultant (Ramona Ionescu) for an alimentation plan and I enjoyed it greatly. It improved my daily energy and focus, it balanced my lifestyle and I learned a lot about alimentation – my consultant became my mentor.

So this started to attract my interest even more, especially because I always felt that just reading info on the Internet is not enough. Every time I thought I discovered something, after a while, I found that there is a “but”.

So I decided to start studying this seriously because this is serious; it matters for me and for my family. (I also have plans to combine the knowledge I am going to gather here with other research projects I am working on.)

In August 2022 I enrolled myself on a 1500 hours course for “Professional Consultant for General Nutrition and Body Remodelling“, organised by one of the most recognized private schools – Fitness Scandinavia

  • Is it too much?  I do not even understand what “too much” could mean. 
  • Is it good timing?I am not a fan of philosophical quotes, but on questions like this, I think this Chinese proverb works: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
  • Do you have time for this? – The courses are scheduled in weekends, from 9 to 15. I’ve studied for my Blockchain and AI certifications this way and it worked for me.
  • Is it too expensive? – It is worth the equivalent of a coffee (or half cigarette pack) per day.
  • You would still learn only some paradigms or some subjective opinions. Why spend money if this still does not give you the absolute truth? – Why learn anything?
  • Are you quitting engineering to become a nutritionist? – Absolutely not. Probably I am going to build just another software platform based on the knowledge I gain from this course. 😁 (See the rest of them here.)

Any other questions? Please text me privately or leave a comment below.

Wish me luck and call me for an alimentation plan next year. 🙏


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates, the father of medicine