💓 I am proud and happy to share that my mentee, Teodora, has successfully defended her bachelor’s thesis, achieving the maximum grade of 10.

✨ She designed, implemented and trained a Machine Learning model and a Neural Network using extensive Kaggle and Google open audio datasets. She also leveraged her academic background to preprocess the data, applying techniques to normalize, denoise, and clean the input signals for optimal performance.

📰 The results of her research are the subject of a paper accepted to a prestigious technical conference in Romania this summer.

🙋‍♀️ Teodora Mîrzan is a young professional enthusiastic about exploring the fascinating world of Machine Learning, and I am confident that we will build more together and that one day she will become a leader in the industry.

☺ I am glad that I could contribute to a high-quality paper and work with such a proficient and dedicated student. My contribution consisted of providing relevant learning materials, organizing dedicated courses to accommodate the required curriculum for this thesis, and peer reviewing the content and code and last but not least, providing moral support under the pressure of such an important moment.

👔 For both experienced professionals and students, it is important to collaborate and understand each other’s perspectives so we can both stay relevant. I truly believe that supporting newer generations is the key to progress.

🎊 Congratulations, Teodora! Keep up the excellent work!

Read the paper here.