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Blockchain series (CN, 2022)


  • Project type Series of tech articles
  • Period Feb - Mar 2022
  • Published on CN Group
  • Republished on dev.to


After I got my Blockchain Expert Certificate in 2021, I started to work in CN Group as a solution architect for a blockchain startup.

Later on, I participated in CN's Java Meetup where I presented this paper on blockchain technology. Based on that, in 2022 I started publishing on CN’s tech blog and on dev.to a series of articles on blockchain technology:

  1. What is Blockchain
  2. Use cases of Blockchain technology
  3. Types of Blockchain
  4. Components of the blockchain ecosystem
  5. Blockchain main concepts
  6. Consensus mechanisms

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My teaching activity

Teaching others is one of the passions of my life. During my professional life I experienced all types of teaching I could: