I am not an artist, but I always appreciated art. As a software engineer, which way would be better for me to involve in artistic projects than creating another platform? 馃榿 In the era of social media and metaverse, I see tons of opportunities to create a synergy between art and technology.聽

This is how the love story between TC and CA started, in April 2016, in a university classroom. There I met this amazing team of actors with enormous potential to become a national phenomenon.聽

Cuibul Artistilor is an organisation of visionaries that innovates the world of theatre in modern times. Even now, with so many distractions, when a lot of content surrounds everyone, when we are attracted more by multiple sources of quick and easy dopamine, they are able to gather tens of thousands of people, to bring them into the theatre hall and make this cool again.聽

I was impressed from the first day by their ability to communicate the language of art to the masses and by their ambition to re-imagine the system. So I proposed to them a collaboration in order to create a web platform dedicated to their users. A place where art and technology meet and make dreams become a reality.聽

So we started designing a software platform for bookings, events and notifications management. Some of the key features of the platform are:聽

  • users can create accounts and invite others to events
  • users can booking history
  • users are able to cancel their reservations themselves
  • email and SMS notifications for booking confirmation, reminders and feedback
  • admins have a dedicated tool to do user check-in
  • admins have historical reports events attendance and user behaviour
  • admins have comparative statistics between multiple measures such as occurrences, seasons, time intervals etc.
  • admins have real-time analytics on bookings and correlation to ads

6 years later, the platform reached a level of maturity by being subjected to multiple stability and scalability tests. Along with its growth, we also developed and learned greatly. Countless meaningful discussions, often from different perspectives lead us to today’s results:

  • more than 1.8k events
  • more than 48k users
  • more than 125k bookings

I am proud of being a technical partner in this ambitious project and looking forward to scaling the platform to a higher level. This journey helped me get insights and understand a different world. It was educative and uplifting for me.

Kudos to Stefan Voicu, Nicoleta Arghiroiu, Victor Tapeanu, Serin Jeema, Vlad Basarabescu, Raluca Andreescu and Andrei Terecoasa, Marian Stinga, Otilia Baltatescu.

I believe CA is a unique concept in Romania and the wave is yet to come.聽

In Oct 2022 we started a new season, after a long break due to pandemic restrictions. It was amazing to step into the CA atmosphere again and this time I even had the great honour to go on the scene for the audience’s final applause (after so much time working on the backend 馃槂). A moment to remember.

Cuibul Artistilor it鈥檚 the place where art is happening. But Cuibul Artistilor is also the place where art meets technology.