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Echo Radio (2009-2010)


  • Period 2009-2010
  • Project type Personal project, university research
  • Skills developed Networking protocols, PHP programming


  • It was in that period for me when I was still tried to learned how to use a lot of tools and program them
  • Learned a lot about radio communication
  • Hosted on my own PC
  • The edge between technician and programmer
  • First, on request online music on radio I ever know
  • Peak listeners: 32
  • Music was not like this
  • Stone age podcasts on my website and AOL channel
  • my first interaction with networking
  • SAM boardcaster, shoutcast
  • first user-oriented platform
  • before CCNA
  • I have presented on Session of scientific communications in our univeristy

Working on it

I am still working on the description and the story of this project. Stay tuned!