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DVD version of knowledge framework (CN Group & Flatirons, 2019)


  • Employer Flatirons (CN Group contractor)
  • Project type Software development
  • Period Oct 2019 - Feb 2022
  • My Role Tech Lead
  • Technologies Shell, Java
  • Architecture Client-server pattern
  • Keywords In-memory
  • Skills developed Java programming


The purpose of the project was to rewrite some components of an existing documentation framework in order to run entirely on DVD/read-only environment, by replacing file-based operations with in-memory operations.

In this project, I was acting as a Tech Lead of a team of 4, and the languages, technologies and frameworks our team worked with were:

  • Java SE 7,8
  • Spring Boot
  • Apache Solr 5, 7
  • Shell Scripting
  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • JFrog