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Anti Money Laundering (Orange Money, 2016-2018)


  • Employer Orange Money
  • Project type Software development
  • Period 2016-2018
  • My Role Developer, Solution Architect
  • Technologies Shell, PL/SQL, Java, html, Javascript and awk
  • Architecture Client-server, Pipe-filter, Event-bus, Layered patterns
  • Keywords Parallel processing, Distributed processing, Highly Scalable, No Single Point Of Failure, Machine Learning, Integration, Batch processing
  • Skills developed Machine learning, Algorithmic thinking, Economy


Starting a project from the ground up is an experience like no other. This was precisely my journey with Orange Money, where I had the privilege of being a part of the founding team. As a software engineer, my role was not only to bring the technical aspect to life but also to leverage my extensive experience in fraud management, a skill I had honed during my previous stints with Orange and in the broader telecom industry.

One of the major milestones during this journey was integrating major third-party software specifically designed for anti-money laundering (AML). These integrations were crucial in ensuring that our financial transactions remained compliant with international standards and regulations. AML has always been a focal point in the financial sector, especially in fintech, due to the high volume and rapidity of transactions. It ensures that financial platforms are not misused for illicit money transfers or terror financing.

But integrating existing solutions wasn't enough for our unique needs. I took on the responsibility of designing algorithms that were tailor-made to accommodate the specific use cases of Orange Money. This required a deep dive into the intricacies of fintech, a domain that was burgeoning with innovations and possibilities. Each day was a learning experience, revealing more about digital transactions, user behavior, and how technology can bridge the gaps in the financial sector.

My role wasn't limited to just the technical side. I had the incredible opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the business team. This collaboration was instrumental as it allowed me to architect the solution for our project directly in line with our business objectives, ensuring that every technical solution provided tangible business value.

While third-party integrations played a significant role in our system, Orange Money also had its ecosystem of internal frameworks. Seamlessly integrating our solution with these internal systems was pivotal. It not only ensured smooth data flow across different parts of the organization but also leveraged the strength of existing tools and technologies within Orange.

To further enhance our platform's capabilities, I developed custom modules. These modules were designed keeping in mind both the current needs of Orange Money and the scalability required for future expansions.

Finally, let's circle back to the topic of anti-money laundering. In the world of fintech, ensuring that every transaction is legitimate is of paramount importance. Sophisticated money launderers are always on the lookout for loopholes. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, continuous monitoring, and advanced algorithms, we aimed to stay one step ahead, ensuring that Orange Money remained a platform that users could trust implicitly.

In conclusion, my tenure with Orange Money was more than just a project; it was a holistic experience that enriched my knowledge, challenged my skills, and showcased the transformative power of technology in the financial domain.


While working on this project I collaborated with an amazingly creative and dedicated team. Please reach out to the following team members for further references: