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Discover Tulcea (Personal Project, 2018)


  • Project type Personal Project, Travel
  • Period 8-12 Aug 2018
  • Attendees 15
  • Location Tulcea District, Dobrogea (Ro)
  • Guide Check here (Romanian language)
  • Facebook album See here


I was born and raised in the South-Eastern Romanian region called Dobrogea

After spending 10 years in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, as a student and engineer, I realised more than I was a kid, the beauty of my home village and region and that I did not visit a lot of tourist objectives there. 

Dobrogea is a fantastic land, full of history, nature and astonishing. It is probably the region with the biggest number of touristic places in the country, and the northern half, Tulcea, it is definitely the district with all forms of relief there are:

  • mountains
  • hills and highlands
  • plains
  • lakes and rivers
  • sea and seaside
  • and even a one-of-a-kind delta: the Danube Delta

So this is the reason I decided to profoundly review the places of my childhood, this time with my dearest friends. 

I designed the trip to be "an expedition around the world", because of the density and the diversity of the items I introduced in the itinerary - all forms of relief, ancient sites, monasteries and a big, big party with a campfire. In this way, our itinerary included:

  • DAY 1 - Archeology
  • DAY 2 - Mountains
  • DAY 3 - Delta
  • DAY 4 - Zen
  • DAY 5 - Sea

It was a very important experience for me, as I had the chance to be together with the people I love, in places I love and to commemorate together nice memories and stories.