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Coin collection since ’94 (1994-)


  • Project Type Numismatics
  • Period 1994 -
  • Unique coins 1k+
  • Countries 45+


The first object I added to the collection was in 1994 when my father gave me a medal he found on some grounds. It was not even a coin, but at that time I didn’t know the difference and I took his suggestion “to start a money collection with this” seriously.

Nowadays I have more than 1000 unique coins from 45 countries and even extended my collection with bills from over 20 countries. 

Even if the collection grew so much in over 25 years, a big part of it was gathered passively from friends; just about everyone brought me coins because they knew that I have a collection. Later, I started exchanging doublets and even buying smaller collections from others or bringing new coins from my trips abroad.

Collecting money helped me understand history better because while classifying them, I also did a lot of research.

I am currently working on documenting the coins and organizing my first charitable expo. It is a personal project I have been thinking about for a few years now, so I would appreciate any support.

If you share this hobby with me or know someone who does, let’s get in touch, please.