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Andreea Oltean

Andreea is a dedicated engineer and a reliable colleague, having an enormous portfolio of projects, that led her to a remarkable level of personal development.
One can rarely find a partner like her, with such a combination of technical and leadership skills.

I worked alongside her between 2014 and 2018 on multiple scales as follows.

# Volunteering

We were both parts of the board of our local students NGO and we collaborated extensively on multidisciplinary initiatives for more than 3 years.
As a newcomer, she grew rapidly in the organizational hierarchy because of her public speaking skills and multidisciplinary knowledge. In less than one year she took the leadership of one of the most complex projects at that time, CareerTeam, to organize professional conferences, technical workshops and to negotiate contracts with the most important companies in the IT industry in Romania.
On this foundation grounding, she was able to grow even more and to found an important and visionary department (Youth Development Department) that organized 2 international exchanges with students from 9 countries across Europe and the Middle East.
She was also one of the co-founders and the host of the TEDxUPB (local TEDx event of our university), a founding member of Toastmasters UPB (public speaking club in our university).
Her contribution to the university’s community is highly appreciated even years after she graduated.

# Academic

Andreea was always a hardworking student with great achievements in terms of academic results and scholarships. She was admitted into one of the most exclusive private scholarships in the university, the Orange Educational Program. There we started our academic collaboration, as she was my student in the program and further my mentee for the Bachelor and Master diplomas projects.

# Enterprise

Later on, Andreea was hired by Orange where I was a software developer at that time. As a system administrator, she was supporting our team by provisioning the environments, offering technical support on OS maintenance and watching the stability of the resources and the safety of the backup processes.

# Startup

Andreea was greatly involved as a founding member in the process of creating TC, by diligently preparing a lot of paperwork. In the next period, she stood out as a trainer and mentor for the newcomers in the summer school program and as the Project Manager of the Questo mobile app.

Common Activities