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Youth employment forum (Personal Project, Azerbaidjan, 2013)


  • Program Erasmus+
  • Organization YPCSDA Romania & ADSAYO Azerbaijan
  • Project type Youth exchange, Non-formal education
  • Mission Civil Society Development
  • Participant countries Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Period Nov 2013 (14 days)
  • Skills developed Public speaking, communication & presentation skills


Youth Employment Forum was an international youth exchange project with the aim of exchanging knowledge about employment rates, career opportunities and trends in the participant countries.

Youth Employment Forum objectives:

  • To conduct an exchange of knowledge on youth career & employment in the countries & share experience in improving opportunities for equal & active youth participation in social life
  • To assist youth activists with new knowledge & skills of working with national, European & international governmental & non-governmental institutions & the private business sector in empowering them in supporting young people to find more employment and income-generation opportunities
  • To create a cooperation network of youth activists involved in youth career development
  • Promotion of the Azerbaijan Model to foreign youth in the field of youth career opportunities

My personal experience and outcomes:

I attended the project as a member of Romania's representative organization (YPCSDA) and a member of the board of our local student's organization (LSE). 

One of the most prominent activities in my portfolio in LSE was CareerTeam (a project I developed and coordinated from 2012 to 2017), the main goal of which was to build a strong relationship between 3 worlds: the university (UPB), the students and IT companies.

So I took the opportunity to participate in the Youth Employment forum to gain a lot more experience and to meet people from different cultures who have more experience in fields such as recruiting, education and business. 

I also did not hesitate to present our activities and achievement in CareerTeam, to other participants, along with our vision for the future so as to get some valuable feedback. 

Due to this experience in Baku,

  • I was inspired in the years that followed to develop the first job platform in our faculty which grew to approx ~5k users (careerteam.eu was the original domain, discontinued since 2017 and moved to university level on alumni.upb.ro, also implemented by me).
  • I endorsed the foundations of a new department within LSE (European Projects 2015-2018, Youth Development Department 2018-) which hosted 4 international student exchanges and sent dozens of students abroad to enjoy these experiences.

See the full photo album here: Facebook album



Azerbaijan Democratic Student & Youth Organization (ADSAYO) was founded in 1995 as a social non-for-profit non-governmental organization of young people in Azerbaijan. As a national NGO, the ADSAYO activities cover all regions of the state.

Main goals of the ADSAYO:

  • To promote values of democracy among youth of Azerbaijan
  • To encourage youth participation and facilitate civil society building process in Azerbaijan
  • To increase youth participation in human rights protection in Azerbaijan
  • To advocate young people needs & interests (social, humanitarian, education, legal etc.) in Azerbaijan.

Within Youth Career Opportunities: Azerbaijan Model” International Youth Forum ADSAYO will host youth activists, young leaders & activists of from European countries for five-day international youth events in Baku in 24-28 January 2019 where the participants will learn & share their knowledge & experience of how to improve young people’s living and social participation by preventing career and employment in the Forum countries. Through presenting their countries’ experience in youth unemployment, career opportunities, contributing to the group work, learning new knowledge & skills delivered by trainers, the participants will exchange ideas about the concerned issues and get empowered to make a difference in their environment by supporting young people in their countries to build a better life. Also the participants will arrange cultural events of presenting each nation’s unique traditions, cuisine, folklore, music & languages.


YPCSDA – Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association

Young Partners was one of the most active organizations handling youth exchanges in Romania from 2012 to 2017. It was also the liaison component between the organizations, taking care of all the administrative aspects regarding the safe movement of the Romanian participants outside the European Union.

LSE – Electronics Students League

LSE is founded in 1990 and it is a student’s organization concerned about academic and professional projects in the electronics & telecommunication area. Also, a massive part of its activities is oriented to personal development and other social problems.

LSE was my mother organization where I developed myself as a student and volunteer and where I have founded dozen of projects while I was a member of the board.


While working on this project I met a lot of amazing people, most of whom I kept in touch with. We continue to be friends and we even sometimes organized other professional activities together and facilitated the relationship between organizations for further international exchanges.

Work with me

Although I have a degree in technology, I have always been concerned with sociology. In fact, one of my beliefs is that we can understand people more easily with the help of machines and vice versa.

Since 2011 I have physically participated in over 7 international projects, interacted with over 200 young foreigners from most European Union countries (or friends) and organized professional events in the IT field for over 10k participants.

Organizing events and time management are some of the skills I have worked on the most throughout my life and I am always open to new challenges.

If you have a bold idea and think we can collaborate, or need any support from my side, feel free to contact me privately.