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UEFA Final, opening ceremony (LSE, 2012)


  • Project type Sports event, volunteering
  • Period Feb - 9 May 2012
  • Number of volunteers 424
  • Number of attendees ~50k
  • My role Coordinator of the volunteering team
  • Photo album Facebook album


UEFA Europa League Final - Opening Ceremony, Bucharest 2012 was one of the biggest events I was a part of as an organizer.

Between 2009 to 2012 I was the Coordinator of the Sports Department in Electronics Students League and an important part of our activity as an NGO department was to get involved in external events, such as:

As a student of the ETTI faculty, I also participated at The Student Scientific Communications Session in the University "Politehnica"  of Bucharest with the paper "The importance of sports events and activities in universities". It is there that I met prof. Adrian Pricop (my paper coordinator), who introduced me to prof. Ileana Dragulin. She was assigned as representative of the university for recruiting volunteers for this big event.

Prof. Dragulin came to me with a proposal of collaboration between her office and the department I was coordinating in LSE at the time in order to manage the volunteer registrations process. I accepted and we rapidly developed an online form and a web platform to ease the communication with all the volunteers across the university. Later on, other universities joined the process (UB, UNEFS and ASE) and they adopted our web platform as well. 

While our platform gained popularity, I was in close contact with all the university coordinators for the recruitment process and with their volunteer leaders. That context enabled Prof. Dragulin to delegate me as the leader of all the volunteers involved in the event (424, from 4 universities).

After 3 months of preparation, together with the company that created the choreography and after 9 days of intensive repetitions with all the volunteers (1-9 may), I can proudly present the result in the following video.