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Realtime Predictive Search Engine (CN Group & Flatirons, 2020)


  • Employer Flatirons (CN Group contractor)
  • Project type Software development
  • Period 2019-2020
  • My Role Solution Architect, Developer
  • Technologies Shell, Java, Solr, Tomcat, HSQLDB
  • Architecture Layered, Client-server patterns
  • Keywords Real time, Parallel processing, Distributed processing, Highly Scalable, Machine Learning
  • Skills developed Real-time processes, Machine Learning algorithms


Designing and implementing a real-time engine for type ahead (predictive) search application.

The engine is capable to return the best search suggestions to the end-user by spell-checking the input text and cross-checking the possible results with hundreds of GB of indexed content.

Working on it

I am still working on the description and the story of this project. Stay tuned!