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Event List API (Orange, 2018-2019)


  • Employer Orange Romania
  • Project type Software development
  • Period 2018-2019
  • My Role Developer
  • Technologies Java, PL/SQL, Shell
  • Architecture Model-view-controller, Layered, Client-server patterns
  • Keywords REST API, Stateless, Caching, Data aggregation and normalization, Multithreading
  • Skills developed Caching, stateless, partitioning


The purpose of the API is to present to several clients the list of the subscriber's events in a normalized format (example of clients: invoicing systems, user account’s web version, custom reports for corporate clients).


While working on this project I collaborated with an amazingly creative and dedicated team. Please reach out to the following team members for further references:

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I am an experienced engineer when it comes to building REST APIs for both enterprise and startup applications. During my career as a software engineer, I have been studying in-depth the best practices and mathematical concepts behind a REST API and I am always looking forward to taking on challenges.

If your business needs a component like this or if you have a problem with your REST API, feel free to contact me anytime.