In this issue, LLMs take centre stage across all areas and domains. GenAI is evolving into an anything tool rapidly.

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  1. EU just Changed Smartphones Forever. A new EU law will require all mobile devices to have user-replaceable batteries by 2027.
  2. Microsft introduces Python support for Excel.
  3. The movement to limit face recognition tech might finally get a win.
  4. The rideshare industry adapting to a changing smallsat market.


  1. OpenAI introduces ChatGPT for Enterprises.
  2. Meta released a coding version of Llama2.
  3. Anthropic releases Claude 2, a competitor for ChatGPT and Bard.
  4. IBM and NASA open source largest Geospatial AI Foundation Model on Hugging Face.
  5. A DeepMind co-founder proposes a new Turing test.
  6. Apple is preparing Apple GPT.
  7. Digital Renaissance: NVIDIA Neuralangelo Research Reconstructs 3D Scenes.
  8. Hugging Face releases AutoTrain Advanced: faster and easier training and deployments of state-of-the-art machine learning models.
  9. Consulting giant McKinsey unveils its own generative AI tool for employees: Lilli.
  10. Google released 9 free Generative AI courses.
  11. Harvard’s new Computer Science teacher is a chatbot.


  1. Europe spent €600 million to recreate the human brain in a computer. How did it go?
  2. China introduced the largest quantum cloud computing platform, moving the industry to the practical stage.
  3. This company plans to transplant gene-edited pig hearts into babies next year.
  4. Invisibility cloaks are not just possible but are becoming a reality.


  1. India becomes the fourth country ever to land a spacecraft on the moonVideo recording on YouTube.
  2. XRISM spacecraft will open a new window on the X-ray Cosmos.
  3. DARPA to study integrated lunar infrastructure.


  1. New property of hydrogen predicted.
  2. Leading quantum physicists from Quantinuum and Chubu University Collaborate on research into Quantum Artificial Intelligence and Cognition.
  3. Hopes for a room-temperature superconductor.
  4. Quantum entanglement wave detected for the first time.

In the midst of the digital age, information is abundant, but quality can sometimes be scarce. The digital landscape, further amplified by the emergence of LLMs, has given everyone a voice. While this democratization of content creation is empowering, it has also made distinguishing between the signal and the noise quite challenging.

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